Saturday, December 1, 2007

What is Applied Linguistics?

Hi All,

This blog is dealing with the different aspects of Applied Linguistics. I want to start with defining such a field of study.

Personally speaking, this field of study is very rich that I cant define it. However, I think Applied Linguistics faeture the followings:

  • It is a consumer of theories ( Applied)

  • It is an interdisciplinary area which combines Linguistics with psychology, mathmatics, electronics, political science and so forth.

  • Theory and practice are mutually inerdpendent and complement eachother. That is, the strongest theories are those which have been thoroughly tested by applied research and the best applied activity is the one which is based on the explanatory power of therotical paradigm.

All of the above metioned points were mentioned in Lightbown's and Spada's book titled " How Languages are Learned".

Now, wht do u think of those points? Do they really cover all aspects of Applied Linguistics?

What is the connection with the man's photo on the right?

I hope this will spark discussion and encourage posts.

with regards



Zahida said...

I'm not an applied linguist nor have I studied the area so perhaps you could enlighten us. It sounds as if combining theory and practice of these areas is what we, as teachers, strive to do in the classroom. I'd imagine the photo is of some famous applied linguist....
I like your blog, Khalid, especially the way you have put contributers on the right.

Valentina Dodge said...

Hi khalid!
Great first blog post. i like blogs witha theme and I think you've chosen a really important field.

Of course there is so much to say on the matter and these are questions that we often ask oursleves so discussing them together can be very useful.

The man in the photo is one of my favourite linguists, journalist and opinion writer so can I give it away and point people to Noam Chmosky's site
I like the controversial aspects of his writing. Good chocie ;-)
Nice start and hope to read what others have to say...

Miguel said...

Dear Khalid,

I think there are probably about as many definitions as there are linguists. However, your questions are quite interesting and could spark some reactions in this blog.

BTW, Chomsky was an appreciated scholar in Venezuela until he started supporting our president Hugo Chavez Frias and his expansionist, "revolutionary" project in our country and Latinoamerica.


Maple Syrup said...

Hi Khlaid!
I like your blog because it's interesting & thought provoking. Unfortunately though I'm not an expert in the field so I can't tell you who my favourite one is. I'm assuming the picture is of a famous linguist .. perhaps the one you mention in your blog?...

Anna said...

Hi Khalid,

I'm looking forward to learning a lot from your blog! Unfortunately I don't think I'll have so much to contribute. It's a topic that greatly interests me and I've been thinking for years to do an MA in Applied Linguistic so thanks for providing me with a free taster!