Saturday, December 1, 2007

What is Applied Linguistics?

Hi All,

This blog is dealing with the different aspects of Applied Linguistics. I want to start with defining such a field of study.

Personally speaking, this field of study is very rich that I cant define it. However, I think Applied Linguistics faeture the followings:

  • It is a consumer of theories ( Applied)

  • It is an interdisciplinary area which combines Linguistics with psychology, mathmatics, electronics, political science and so forth.

  • Theory and practice are mutually inerdpendent and complement eachother. That is, the strongest theories are those which have been thoroughly tested by applied research and the best applied activity is the one which is based on the explanatory power of therotical paradigm.

All of the above metioned points were mentioned in Lightbown's and Spada's book titled " How Languages are Learned".

Now, wht do u think of those points? Do they really cover all aspects of Applied Linguistics?

What is the connection with the man's photo on the right?

I hope this will spark discussion and encourage posts.

with regards